Peak Harvest Health, a firm that holds an option on the old Kelly-Springfield Tire Co. plant, looks forward to the establishment of a medical marijuana indoor cultivation and processing operation there.

The company expects to acquire one of 15 licenses available in Maryland for medical marijuana as Cumberland Mayor Brian Grim and the City Council recently approved a resolution affirming support for PHH’s application.

The medical marijuana plant can generate employment for 100 people once it is fully operational.

2 thoughts on “Medical Marijuana Plant at Cumberland

  1. James Franks says:

    I have been concerned about where I would get my medicine if I should decide to apply for a medical marijuana card, It is such a relief that this is in motion. Mayor Grim is a good guy with great intentions for the welfare and economics of his community.

  2. Dorothy Parker says:

    I went there in 2015 and paid $200 the doctor said he was from John Hopkins and prequalified me for a card. Is this not a legitimate company?

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