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Welcome to GreenWay Maryland! We are an online resource and physicians’ network that helps patients obtain their medical marijuana cards in Maryland. We also have a full range of online resources to help you navigate the application process and learn more as you begin your treatment with medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana History in Maryland

The State of Maryland became the 21st State to legalize medical marijuana in April 2013. Becoming one of the increasing number of states legalizing cannabis as an alternative medicine, the housing of House Bill 881 became reality when Gov. Martin O’Malley put his signature on the dotted line on April 14, 2014. The legislation will allow patients to utilize the substantial benefits of the marijuana plant if they are suffering from a condition that has been specifically outlined in House Bill 881. Patients are allowed to posses a 30-day supply of medical marijuana (exact amount to be determined by the Commission).

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