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I have been using cannabis for many years to treat my diabetic neuropathy and am so excited to use medicine that is tested and approved for medical treatment. I am originally from Oregon, where the medical program has been in place for many years. It was so nice to have the ability to go to a dispensary and buy products like capsules, vaporizers, tinctures, and salves. I am really looking forward to getting my card in Maryland.

Baltimore, MD
Clinic: Annapolis

I have suffered from degenerative joint disease for a little over ten years, and it has taken its toll on me. The little things that I used to take for granted are now accompanied with constant pain. I have always had a high pain tolerance, but the constant nagging pain is frustrating when you cannot get any relief. I have tried many different pain medications, but nothing has worked as well as cannabis. Not only does it help reduce my pain level, but it also helps me enjoy life and not think about the pain as much. I went from having terrible sleep to getting the best sleep of my life when I started using cannabis. Thank you for your commitment to helping patients like me get a card and become legal.

Degenerative Joint Disease
Annapolis, MD
Clinic: Annapolis

I am so happy that our state passed this law and that we will now have access to medical marijuana. I know it is still a ways away before we will have everything like the West Coast, but it is still a good step in the right direction. The doctor I met with gave me the framework for how to get a card so I will be ready when the state system is in place. I can’t wait to use cannabis legally. Thank you.

Bowie, MD
Clinic: Annapolis

Coming from a military family, I have always been against drugs and anything deemed illegal by the government. I never really considered marijuana to be a medicine but just a way for someone to get high. It wasn’t until my PTSD started to affect my daily life that I needed to find a better solution. When I was at the VA, I heard a couple other vets talking about using marijuana and how it really helped them. I started doing some research and found a ton of peer-reviewed studies showing the potential benefits of marijuana for PTSD. None of the prescription pills or therapy had made a difference so I thought I needed to think outside the box. The first time I used it I noticed a decrease in my anxiety and felt much more relaxed overall. That night, I fell asleep faster than I can ever remember and slept peacefully through the night. I am definitely a believer and will be getting my card ASAP. Thanks for helping me get set up and ready to apply.

Annapolis, MD
Clinic: Annapolis

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