How are transfers of usable marijuana or immature plants made to a dispensary? Where does the medicine in dispensaries come from?

The transfer and transport of usable marijuana from a licensed grower to licensed dispensaries, qualifying patients, or designated caregivers requires that rigid rules and regulations be followed. The licensed grower shall install an electronic manifest system in which an electronic manifest shall be created to record data and information for each shipment of products containing marijuana.

The actual transport of products containing marijuana must be performed by a secure transportation company or a shipping licensee. At least two transportation agents, who shall carry an identification approved by the Commission, shall accompany the shipment. While on duty, a transportation agent may not wear any clothing or symbols that may indicate ownership or possession of marijuana.

Medical marijuana supplies in dispensaries are supplied by licensed growers and qualifying patients or caregivers shall obtain medical marijuana from these dispensaries or from the satellite facility of the grower.